Steel construction solutions 


We've been helping to build New Zealand homes for over a decade in partnership with some of New Zealands largest and most prestigious building companies. Through our National network of Battenman operations we provide a superior supply and installation service for our innovative products and systems.

BATTENMAN® premium galvanized steel profiles have been designed to reduce overall construction cost whilst improving quality in a range of applications. 


Steel ceiling battens for installation of Plasterboard & Gypsum ceilings

As structural bracing in residential and light commercial applications

As fire resistant cavity battens for installation of cladding systems.

And ROOFBATTENZ® , steel purlins for installation of a range of roofing materials.


BATTENMAN®  Exceptional service. Exceptional products. Exceptional Price. 


Ceiling and Roof Battens

Manufactured and cut to length specifically for each room.

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Guaranteed Workmanship

All supply and fix installations are guaranteed against faulty workmanship when supplied and installed by a qualified Battenman installation crew.

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