RB40 Roofing Battens

BATTENMAN® RB40 ROOFBATTENZ® have been specifically designed for residential and light commercial construction, as a superior bracing element and substrate for installation of Corrugated and trapezodial roofing iron

They may be used as a direct upgrade to projects where timber purlins have been specified.

Not only lightweight, dimensionally accurate and straight. They are also a more cost efficient solution.

They expand and contract at the same rate as steel roofing materials in extreme temperate changes, so minimise the likelihood of buckling ridge flashings, and Improve the safety for roofing contractors with installation of corrugated iron.

They can be fitted to both timber and steel trusses. Ideally suited to timber framed homes, Steel framed homes, Steel framed buildings and carports.

Our 40mm ROOFBATTENZ® are designed for use with corrugate roofs or wall claddings. With spans of 1200mm at 900mm spacings they can be used in extra high windzones and where snow loads are present. They are available in O.SSBMT & .075BMT GSSO Z275 steel.


This provides an easy handling feature to the product. Making battens much safer and easier to work with


The top of the RB40 features a Two way dimpled surface,

One acts as an increased friction surface, to assist in minimising falls, while also reducing drag when applying underlay and roof sheeting.

The Reverse Dimple Provides a screw guide for ease of installation of sheet products.


ROOFBATTENZ® come with Mitred ends for ease of installation into Hips and valleys, saving installation teams time & minimising waste.


The top hat profile design of the RB40 ROOFBATIENZ® means that this product can be easily joined through a process known as lapping. Resulting in Faster installation, without sacrificing construction quality.

CB35 Specs
TENSILE GRADE G550 (550MPa Minimum yield stress)
CORROSION RESISTANCE Z275 (Minimum 275gm/sq.m Zinc coating)
AVAILABILITY RB40 ROOFBATTENZ" are available in 0.55 and 0.75BMT Stock lengths are 6.5metres, With handed 45' & 135' Mitre cuts.
HANDLING AND STORAGE RB40 ROOFBATTENZ" Should be stored in a fl at, dry area, off the ground.
ENVIRONMENT Care for your environment. Steel is 100% recyclable
PRECAUTIONS The zinc coating used to protect BATTENMAN® RB40 is not recommended for use in severe industrial, or highly corrosive enviroments, within SOOm of salt water locations & in accordance with Galvsteel durability statement. Care must be taken to not damage the protective galvanised coating, or expose the product to environmental conditions that may cause premature corrosion.
Take appropriate safety precautions.
DESIGN & FLEXIBILITY While top hat products are very versatile, Independent engineering should be carried out for applications not outlined in these instructions.
FEATURES Increased friction surface.
Rolled safety edge - for ease of handling.
Anti-slip screw guides for ease of installation of sheet roofing.
CUTTING Care must be taken to not damage the protective Zinc coating. If cutting is required you may use any of the following: Tin Snips, Hack saw. Cold cut saw (burrs must be cleaned and removed)


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