CB35 Ceiling Battens

The BATTENMAN CB-35 ceiling system provides construction professionals with a premium plasterboard fixing substrate, for all residential and light commercial projects.

Compatible with all popular domestic ceiling plasterboards, BATTENMAN Steel ceiling battens provide significant advantages over traditional ceiling fixing methods.

Custom run ceiling battens are manufactured for individual projects and are installed by approved installation agents, known as BATTENMAN

The system is both lightweight, and dimensionally stable. Making handling easy and improving the overall finish of your construction project.

The custom run battens minimise construction waste, which is not only better for the environment, but is more cost effective for the end user. It also makes the system considerably faster to install.

Helping to reduce construction times, and labour cost.

Making subcontracting this business so affordable, that not only volume builders, but many private builders are switching to the system.

The 35mm deep profile can be used both as a ceiling batten for internal fixing of ceilings and wall linings.

The top flange of the profile has an embossed surface to increase surface area for Plasterboard adhesive, while also functioning as a screw guide. Making it easier for plasterboard fixing screws to grip and "bite-in" without slippage during awkward installation positioning.

The roll formed safety edge on the bottom flange, provides improved handling during installation.

Nominal lapping (non-structural) is simple and will ensure continuity and straightness of fastener alignment.

High strength and light weight

Won't shrink warp, twist or burn

CB35 Specs
TENSILE GRADE G550 (550MPa Minimum yield stress)
CORROSION RESISTANCE Z275 (Minimum 275gm/sq.m Zinc coating)
AVAILABILITY Available in custom lengths up to 7.5m
HANDLING AND STORAGE BATTENMAN CB22® Should be stored in a flat, dry area, off the ground.
PRECAUTIONS Corrosive enviroments, The zinc coating used to protect BATTENMAN┬« CB22 is not recommended for use in unlined structures in severe industrial, or highly corrosive enviroments located within one kilometre of salt water locations.
FIXING OF PLASTERBOARD  Refer to manufacturers recommendations regarding suitable fasteners and fixing details for sheeting.
DESIGN & FLEXIBILITY CB35 Ceiling battens can be used to construct a plasterboard
fixing substrate in accordance with the guidelines explained in
this manual.


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